Bombing the Moon -
a Mid-life Crisis & Coming of Age
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Bombing the Moon - a Mid-life Crisis & Coming of Age

Barbara Noble Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:01 am

n the latest round of the race for space, NASA has fired a two ton missile due to hit the Moon on 9 October, 2009 at 11.30 UTC. NASA launched the missile aboard Atlas V on 18 June, 2009 at 5.32pm EDT (2112 GMT) from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

This strike is planned to hit the "dark side of the Moon" - a permanently shadowed region near the lunar south pole - and raise a plume of debris visible from here on Earth.

The main reason given by NASA for firing this bullet into the body of the Moon is to identify whether water is present with a view towards:
- colonizing the Moon;
- using the Moon as a base for launching future space missions;
- to produce rocket fuel on the Moon;

Similar efforts that were used to prepare for Deep Impact have been used to prepare for this lunar strike, even though results observed for Deep Impact were significantly different to what was predicted.

According to NASA, the Moon will "not notice" the plume of debris caused by the missile impact due to the fact it is being hit all the time. But we will. It will be visible from Earth via telescopes. We are advised that the mess created in this bombing will be confined to about a 20 meter area of the crater it creates. No indication is given as to what steps will be taken to clean this mess up.

Instead we are informed that it will be barely noticeable owing to the difficulty in locating such sites, with there having already been some 20 or so impacts of terrestrial spacecraft on the Moon to date. It's just one more for the record book!
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If we're to believe the PR spin (or serpent tongue), then this is all fine. Out of sight out of mind. Don't worry, be happy.

The notion that if you shoot something in the foot (or south pole) the pain of impact won't well back up to the head is illogical, and evidences a disconnect from reality. There will be repercussions.

And what of the cumulative effect of all this debris?
Not just on the Moon but that which is circumnavigating our planet?

As below, so above.

In astrology the Moon is the first planet considered for the state of "soul", the "mind", and philosophically was considered the first station for the soul's transition. Since the 1950s this chief luminary for the "soul" has become a repository for waste - polluted - littered with carcasses in the name of science.

More than 170,000 kg - the equivalent of 1,977 men weighing 86 kg each (190 pounds) - has been transported to and left on the Moon. In return, Apollo and Luna missions have brought back 382 kg of the Moon.

Over 70 objects have been left there by space programs from the US (43 artificial objects), USSR (20), Japan (4), European Space Agency (1), India (1), China (1). This doesn't include the personal and commemorative items left by astronauts.

How does this fact stand in relation to the environmentally conscious platforms propounded by the scientific community that our respective administrations have adopted and been paying lip-service to in light of climate change?

As Saturn transits opposite Uranus, it would appear a wake-up call is in the works for those who've taken the equivalent of the Hippocratic Oath yet choose to practice a form of hypocrisy as the planet once considered a deity of colonies (Mercury) meets with grief (Saturn).

In times past Mercury's oriental phase was referred to as "Apollo". Apollo held dominion over colonists, and was also the bringer of deadly plagues along with the ability to cure. Saturn with dominion over agriculture and the harvest - to "reap what's sown" - was considered the greatest teacher and well wisher, as well as the greatest trouble giver for those following a path of betrayal.

It is said when Shani (Saturn) opened his eyes for the very first time (eg. Saturn's rings opening approximately 3 months after a ring-plane crossing like that of September 4, 2009) the Sun went into eclipse (annular solar eclipse January 15, 2010). This denotes a respect for transitions within greater cycles of time.

In the early 60s - 1.5 Saturn return's ago - we saw an impetus emerge in US politics under the light of the cold war with resources increasingly directed into specific areas of the US space program, not reportedly because of an interest in space but to compete with and beat the Russians.

1964-65 saw three successful Ranger (Atlas) photographic missions to the Moon terminated via crashing. These missions were a precursor to the Apollo missions.

Mid-life crisis:

On the one hand this lunar bombing marks a mid-life crisis (1.5 Saturn returns) and the middle age spread of those space initiatives emanating from the early 60's. It is also a recurrence of the Saturn-Uranus opposition.


On the other hand it also marks a 50 year culmination of Project A119 and the acceleration of military space and missile projects under a cold climate of fear and paranoia prevailing at that time. Once again we find ourselves in a climate of fear and paranoia with the "War on Terror" and as we awaken to the downside of the industrial age.

50 years is the maximum number of years allotted under Saturn (Naisargika dasa).

NASA was established on July 29, 1958 and operational by October 1, 1958 which resulted in the dissolution of the NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) previously in place for 43 years. A change in administration and subsequent changing of the guard.

In March 1959, Carl Sagan reportedly breached security in relation to this project.

Project A119 was a plan by the US Air Force to drop an atomic bomb on the dark side of the Moon with the aim to achieve a mushroom cloud visible from earth to demonstrate its might and supremacy in the cold war. Theatrical propaganda of the destructive kind.
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Now, in the year marking the 50th anniversary of this proposal, we're again seeing a bomb targeting the Moon. Oddly enough, the suggestion to nuke the Moon was said to have originated with Carl Sagan who proposed a nuclear explosion to detect organisms there.

An argument opposing this action was that it would result in a huge cost to science by destroying a pristine lunar environment. So what might we glean from the chart for the proposed lunar missile impact of October 9, 2009.

Moon bomb1.gif
In the above chart Mercury is oriental, a champion for the colonists - Apollo.

If we look at this chart in context of annular motion, then Mercury as the missive from earth is pulling behind it a toxic load compressed via Saturn.

In diurnal motion for that day Mercury rises to encounter this self same load as an obstacle in its path to dispose of in distasteful fashion in the direction of the Moon - to do so is a challenge.

The Moon is illuminating the longitudinal point of northern hemisphere's summer solstice, a point at which a light was extinguished (surpernova) and Uranus was discovered, a point illuminating the ushering in of the industrial then technological ages with the consequential outpouring of environmental pollutants - extinguishing both light (such as visibility of the Milky Way) and life on this planet.

Transiting Mercury has collected the Saturn-Uranus opposition at a time commensurate with a changing of the guard.

Mars has entered Cancer, leading to inflammations within incorporated bodies as Sun applies square (a growing case of the chills), while Uranus rx is swimming against the current, hovering at the edge of a bank in a face off against Venus also on the cusp of change.

Venus oriental rules and squares the Moon in this chart and is entering a sign where it falls, while Mars (disposed of by the Moon) pushes forward through a region of its fall. Both planets are fortified by position, but they are traversing areas where their qualities can easily be corrupted, extremely sensitive to the elements.

Mars' position is promoted in 10th where it joins with the south node, resurrecting and promoting old notions pertaining to military defence systems, homeland security, arms proliferation.

Here it reflects a basic fight for survival, highly sensitive to currents of change, and prone to fears of being caught defenseless, extreme exposure, out on a limb, alert to potentials for being blindsided or blown to hades (8th) in a handbasket (3rd) - both of these being areas it rules.

Mars uplifted in context of this chart is also indicative of the debris (ghosts) from past expeditions, the remnants of rampant consumerism of the arms/space race stagnating in cold conditions in the 'pond' above presenting a challenge to be physically dealt with.

With Jupiter rx also in a region of fall, gathering force in the south, tensions increase and confrontations are brewing as Mars advances towards opposition.

Jupiter presides over the north wind, yet here it's gathering at the opposite pole, indicative of a groundswell of opposition to military defense systems, arms proliferation (the military industrial complex) that Mars finds itself filling in as psychopomp for.

The hunt for water (already discovered on Mars without launching missiles into it) is secondary to the directive of sourcing a strategic military/scientific base for intelligence gathering.

As Mercury rises on October 9 it encounters the full weight of Saturn bearing down upon it, looming large with issues such as fiscal responsibility during times of a downturn, the pressure being depressive. Mercury may have neatly dispensed with such issues in the past. However, here on the last leg of its journey these issues look to resurface and haunt administrative leaders.

Saturn looms large as a hurdle to overcome, and a lesson to learn as relates to judgement, along with the use and abuse of power (note Moon transiting opposite Pluto, which is disposed of by Jupiter rx, then Saturn)

Matters encountered also include toxic environmental build-ups (Venus square Moon, Merc-Saturn opposite Uranus) that need addressing (inflammation increasing as Sun squares Mars, neuro-toxic or viral episodes affecting the health of physical constitutions).

And as Venus changes signs, we may see a public fall from grace due to corruption.

While toes are being stepped on, leaders in the public service sector will be discovering how they may have shot themselves in the foot (note 10th & 12th house in chart) - launching missiles with unknown rammifications is an act of both willful ignorance and disrespect. Saturn's payload will be a bitter pill to swallow.

It has been said by officials that this is not an act of war.
Yet on impact day Mercury in 12th disposes of both Saturn and the Sun and is at war with the public (Moon) while Mars, disposed of by the Moon, is at war with the Sun, head of state and (physical) constitution.

In a nutshell, leaders in the public service appear to be underestimating the public outpouring of grief to rain down upon their heads as derelictions in duty are brought to light.

There are limits to which a blind eye can be turned.

Space debris increased earlier this year after the collision on February 10 between US and Russian satellites with there being an estimated total of 300,000 man-made objects presently circling Earth, of which only 19,000 are tracked and 800 are satellites in orbit.

In just 29 years the amount of space traffic has quadrupled and talk is now of erecting a Space Fence - taking the old terrestrial adage of "divide and conquer" to a whole new level.

As Saturn rules the 5th in the above chart, we may see the intervention of a foreign ambassador carrying with them the knowledge of a matter that's been misjudged. Or it may herald a collision with compressed substance made of sterner stuff. Or a foreign administration might beat them to the punch (discovery).

During the successful Ranger missions 7, 8 & 9 (Atlas) in 1964/65 the early degrees of mutable cross (sidereal) were active as they are now.

The Moon will be transiting the early degrees of Gemini (sidereal) following the proposed lunar impact on October 9th ... but at time of impact has already collected the degrees sensitized during Sagan's reported security breach on Project A119 in March '59 previously illuminated by the discovery of Uranus and an earlier blinding (supernova).

Sagan nuke.gif
A great deal of effort and resources are invested by the scientific community into monitoring and observing the litter left in the wake of space missions. The primary purpose of such monitoring being to avoid colliding with this debris.

This too reflects a fall from grace, the state of an environment reflects a state of mind.
Saturn transiting Virgo ... clean up time.

Barbara Noble


Barbara Noble Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:24 pm

India's lunar mission Chandrayaan-1, launched in October last year and abandoned a month ago as it was lost control of, has relayed evidence of water on the Moon - publicly announced 24 September, 2009.

For further information please see-

From posting above:

"Mars uplifted in context of this chart is also indicative of the debris (ghosts) from past expeditions ... "
"As Saturn rules the 5th in the above chart, we may see the intervention of a foreign ambassador carrying with them the knowledge of a matter that's been misjudged."
Traditionally, Saturn is granted rulership over India.

Barbara Noble