Transcendence - Jupiter joining Chiron-Neptune 2009 2 replies

Transcendence - Jupiter joining Chiron-Neptune 2009

Barbara Noble » Tue Sep 15, 2009 5:56 am

his year Chiron joined Neptune for the first time since 1945 in a challenging longitudinal alignment to Behenian fixed star Algol.

During this time we're likely to see:
  • Nagging injuries or old wounds (physical, psychological, emotional) brought forward for healing;
  • The lingering pangs of ideals yet to be met;
  • Relinquishing, severing and/or dissipating attachments;
  • Judicious reviews involving qualities like integrity, honesty, honour;
  • A requirement to change perspective (re-vision) or purge a fear that's held us paralysed or captive to fully enable new life to spring forth;
  • If feeling vigorous, a need for disciplined and considered action without losing one's head (going over the top).
JNC09.JPG Algol is a star in the constellation Perseus, of a nature like that of Saturn & Jupiter, the gemstone Diamond & plant Black Hellebore.

The triggering of the influence of Perseus brings to fore themes of courage, resourcefulness, family connections, severance, overthrowing tyranny along with transcendence... the hero's journey.

Algol derives from Arabic ra's al-ghul: head (ra's) of the ogre (al-ghul). To Arab scholars the word alcohol is a derivative of al-ghol. The old Arabic dictionaries defining al-ghol (al-kol) as a genie or spirit that may take away the mind.

Alcohol is also known elementally as 'fire water' which can also refer to the "fire in one's belly", the "fire that courses through one's blood/veins" or the "fire in one's head" - the internal fermentation process (brewing, fuming, stewing, pressure seeking release, letting off steam) being amplified as Jupiter joins the parade, particularly during its retrograde phase.

Jupiter drew close to the point where Chiron and Neptune united in Aquarius, a sign wherein Jupiter rejoices, between 23-27 May 2009. It then turned retrograde on June 15, and between July 10-22 backtracked to rejoin these two which by then were also retrograde.

Jupiter will station direct on October 13, followed by Chiron stationing direct on October 31 (All Hallows Eve, Samhain) then Neptune on November 4. On its direct path, Jupiter will reunite with Chiron on December 7 for Perseus' midnight culmination and then with Neptune on December 21, this union collected by waxing 1st quarter Moon (December 24). For transit dates, please see below.

During this Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune interlude we're likely to see:
  • opportunities to relinquish one form of being for another;
  • the manifestation of higher minded ideals:
  • intoxication (in its various guises);
  • increased opportunities for healing;
  • philanthropic pursuits, particularly in education:
  • increased scientific initiatives pioneering alternative streams;
  • issues involving health, eg. reviews/reforms, particularly when Saturn enters Virgo (September 09 in sidereal)
  • renewals of faith in humanity;
  • lightning realizations and mirrored idealizations;
  • at a mundane level increased earth activity, eg. tremors & quakes, especially during the eclipse season as the "thunderer" seeks an outlet for pent up energy, also with a view towards surges around December 24;
  • the big business of oil take a downward turn (from Jupiter's station retrograde - for short term market fluctuations keeping an eye on the Moon);
  • sublimination, issues of purity & the channeling of water supplies... along with compassion given wings.
While that which is one man's poison can be another man's cure, it's also a time for remaining alert to any toxic build ups, fumes and plumes. The challenge is to be discerning, judicious, mindful.

Barbara Noble

Transcendence - Jupiter joining Chiron-Neptune 2009

Funkstar » Fri Aug 28, 2009 10:39 am

Hi Barbara,
that table of transit dates is very handy, might have to share that around if you don't mind (with your name under it).

I thought these conjunctions might send us some spiritual energy. Jupiter ruling religion and philsophy, Neptune ruling mysticism and spirituality. Christian astrologers say Chiron represents Christ so "Christ consciousness" may be a theme. I have to say that i have been getting a boost in these areas lately, but apart from personal feelings and chatting with like minded people, it is hard to gauge the spiritual effect of these conjunctions in the mundane world by relying on media reports and wikipedia.

The swine flu pandemic I believe is a manifestation of these conjunctions. Neptune ruling infection, confusion, and Jupiter the growth and long distance travel. The first two conjunctions came close to the first two peaks in reported cases. I never thought to look at Chiron here though.

15 May - first peak in swine flu cases
23 May - Jupiter conjunct Chiron
27 May - Jupiter conjunct Neptune

05 July - second peak in swine flu cases
10 July - Jupiter conjunct Neptune
22 July - Jupiter conjunct Chiron

If we get another peak in December that would be a bad thing for humans, but it would look good for astrology.

What i usually do when researching the mundane effects of things astrological is to go to Wikipedia though, as I find it a good source of records that we can all access and use as a standard when comparing astrological techniques. So this is what is on the cyber record which I think may be related to these conjunctions so far:

18 May - The third C40 Large Cities Climate Leadership Group meets in Seoul.
18 May - Following more than a quarter-century of fighting, the Sri Lankan Civil War ends with the total military defeat of the LTTE.
23 May - Jupiter conjunct Chiron
23 May - Former President of South Korea Roh Moo-hyun, under investigation for alleged bribery during his presidential term, commits suicide.
25 May - North Korea announces that it has conducted a second successful nuclear test in the province of North Hamgyong. The United Nations Security Council condemns the reported test.
27 May - Jupiter conjunct Neptune
01 June - Air France Flight 447, en route from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Paris, crashes into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 228 on board.

05 July - Over 150 are killed when a few thousand ethnic Uyghurs target local Han Chinese during major rioting in Ürümqi, Xinjiang.
07 July - A public memorial service is held for musician Michael Jackson. It is regarded as one of the most prominent funerals of all time.
08 July - The 35th G8 summit is held in L'Aquila, Italy.
10 July - Jupiter conjunct Neptune
15 July - Caspian Airlines Flight 7908 crashes near Qazvin, Iran, killing all 168 on board.
16 July - Iceland's national parliament, the Althingi, votes to pursue joining the EU.
22 July - Jupiter conjunct Chiron
22 July - The longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting up to 6 minutes and 38.8 seconds, occurs over parts of Asia and the Pacific Ocean; it is figured to be the most widely observed total eclipse in human history.

I'd be giving short odds on another big air disaster in December. This little exercise has shown me some flaws in this Wikipedia method though. I remember 04 July was the date that North Korea launched a barrage of long range missiles to coincide with a planned space shuttle launch in the USA. That would link in North Korea to these first two conjunctions. Well i guess this method is OK for a starting point but obviously much more research would be needed to discover more specific synchronicities.

From your list of "likely to see" things, for me, i have felt all of the personal ones, especially these lightning realizations. I feel like i have been catapulted into some trip of expanding consciousness see so many more links than before. And science supporting mysticism in regard the research into the iron core crystal of the Earth.

Transcendence - Jupiter joining Chiron-Neptune 2009

Barbara Noble » Fri Aug 28, 2009 10:39 am

Thanks for your insightful comments, you've covered a tremendous amount of ground here.
Please feel free to use the table as you need!!!

When speaking of spiritualizing influence, I suppose it depends on how view spiritual energy. I guess one way spirituality can be seen is in confronting those elements in life that aren't good for our health, toxic etc, so we can clean up our acts or heal what may need healing owing to a newfound awareness. And if we don't do this voluntarily, then it can seem as if the universe conspires to throw them up to a point where they loom very large on the horizon demanding our attention to address.

For example, if the water's polluted up-stream then we'll suffer the consequences downstream... to go to the source involves moving beyond comfort zones.

You know, Chiron was also said to have transmitted knowledge of - or directly given - the poison that came back to wound/kill him. In the "mundane" arena, perhaps what's being seen is also a call for "physician, heal thyself" at governance levels as we experience the consequence of certain things. And in talking about "spiritualizing" influence, then perhaps it is also a humbling process, which is also process of re-attunement.

Wow!!! You've done a lot of work here.

On the swine flu, a quick look at Mexico chart for 18 March, 2009 (official date detected, I used 6am to see what was rising on that day):

Thought I'd check POF (Part of Fortune) first as it brings together health, body & was used classically also as an Ascendant. Utilising it as an ascendant implies it may also illuminate a point towards where & when conditions may reach a "peak" (ascendancy). Here POF is 19 deg. 43' N declination - Mexico City is at latitude 19 deg 25' N.

POF's amidst the Pleiades ("the doves") in 3rd (communicable) applying square to Mars in Aquarius (human), and the Hyades ("piglets") are in the 4th (underpinning things).

The virus was reported to be a combination of avian, swine & human flu. Pigs are known for being able to combine such things into new infectious strains.

Looking first at the avian dimension, Pleiades & Venus - things such as the migratory patterns of birds, eg. the "Mourning Dove" or "Rain Dove" and those that favour pastoral lands. March is a time for some birds, after wintering south, to begin migration northward toward summer breeding grounds in northern hemisphere... and March was time was detected.

Venus (ruler of Pleaides/Taurus - Venus also closely connected with 'flight') in 2nd in Pisces looks to be carrying virulent qualities and traveling back (rx), has easily collected the qualities of a less than favourably placed Jupiter in the south, intercepted in 12th - illuminating potential for pneumatic ailments, hospitalizations.

Jupiter's interception looks like it may be articulated via Saturn rx, lapse in quarantine, in standards, and Saturn rx transferred inflammation across the divide down to Mercury in Aquarius. In oriental phase, Mercury's akin to "Apollo", in occidental phase "Hermes".

As time ticked forward, the contagion spread further afield as Jupiter transited into Aquarius... keeping an eye also toward when Mercury transits Pleiades (where POF was) & the fears concerning border controls etc it brought forward.

The hand of Chiron - here looks like confirmation of something unleashed due to lack of due diligence, corruption/confusion in the channels of transmission, environmental mismanagement issues confronting the scientific/medical fraternity.

Requirement looks like a getting back to basics in terms of hygiene/healthcare.

Again, many thanks for your comments, it's good to hear this resonated with you.

In appreciation,

Barbara Noble