A conversation between Mercury & Jupiter

A conversation between Mercury & Jupiter

Barbara Noble Sun Oct 04, 2009 7:10 am

Mercury: "I think, therefore I am."

Jupiter: "You think. Therefore you do not yet know. You know not yet in your bones (Saturn), your heart (Sun) or your soul (Moon)."

Mercury: "You deny I exist?"

Jupiter: "No. You are what you think.

But do you know the real nature of your thoughts and therefore know what it is you are? Or is the simple act of thinking and therefore existing sufficient?"

Mercury: "That is irrational. To know the nature of one's thoughts one needs to think. Logic requires thought, it is necessary."

Jupiter: "The irrational is only that which is waiting to be known - and of all orbs you surely realize by now that necessity is the mother of all invention, including artifice and fabrication.

It is possible to think something to be irrational, but to know it to be otherwise. From whence does this knowing arise? And where in this logic of yours does one's moral compass reside?"

Mercury: "It is secondary. It is a feeling that follows thought."

Jupiter: "Ah. At present I see, despite what you think, you feel the radiance mutually, keenly, nobly, siriusly. But not always does feeling follow thought, at times it precedes it. What make you of this?"

Mercury: "Let me think."

Jupiter: "Think! Know, my Faustian friend. Therein lies the distance between student and teacher. The transition wherein thinking is born into the awareness of knowing, then understanding. You know, you understand, you live."

Barbara Noble