2015 through 2017

A new energy of Fire

On December 23, 2014, Saturn entered the sign of Sagittarius where it will stay in the early degrees until June 14, 2015, when it returns to Scorpio. It will not be until September 18 that Saturn returns to Sagittarius.

Jeanne Mozier feels and I have observed that many will sense of new vision, a new direction and a lightening of the energies because of the Fire and Visionary element of Sagittarius. Yet, the rational has not returned. Vision and inspiration may seem like logic but they are not. Later, in August, when Jupiter enters Virgo, we will have the practical energies of an Earth sign. Earth improves organization and systematizes details - but it is practical, not logical.

What I am telling my clients is that early 2015 will be a sense of something new about to happen, a new vision and a new direction, but the timing is not right for bolting out of the starting gate. From June through September 2015, Saturn retreats back into Scorpio in the late degrees.

Many will be drawn to go back and finish up issues and projects from the past. We cannot move forward with a lot of loose ends from the past cycle holding us back.

When Saturn is in the late degrees, it is always an ending cycle, a time to end what no longer works in our lives. Once it returns to Sagittarius, according to Jeanne, it will lift the delusions created by Neptune in Pisces. The lessons of Sagittarius are connected with freedom, open-mindedness and truth. Of course, there is a big difference between the Facts and the Truth!

Esoterically, Jeanne feels that Great Beings meet at the winter solstice in the month of December to prepare the vision for the coming year. We must clear away the dross in our thinking and feeling so that the vision can come in.

Visions do get distorted - for example, "if you give the vision of sharing and universal equality (communism) to Russian peasants, look at what you get!! Giving the vision of Islam to a bunch of goat herders, look at what you get!"

In 1985, I wrote an article on Saturn entering the sign of Sagittarius which I have updated:
Saturn rules the value system of a period, lasting from 2-2.5 years. These values are determined by our fears and concerns. Children born while Saturn is in Sagittarius (through 2017) will be imbued with Sagittarian concerns as Saturn sets the standard for the rules and regulations that we set for the children born at this time.

When Saturn is in Scorpio, it prevailed upon our fears and survival issues which made up our value system during that period. Scorpio fears deal with overwhelming circumstances that seem beyond our control.

Saturn in Sagittarius is like a breath of fresh air since it rules more abstract values such as codes, ethics, quality control, upgrading standards, credentialing and standards of Truth.

Those with vision, those who can see the Big Picture, those who can upgrade and maintain high standards, will do very well in this cycle.

In 1986, after the Challenger explosion, poor standards were uncovered at NASA. Those who stood alone in their voice against the launch and who had earlier protested against the low standards were put in charge of NASA.

In the 1950s, when Saturn was in Scorpio, the over-whelming fear-ridden issues were the communist headhunting of Senator Joseph McCarthy, the first nuclear submarine, bomb shelter commercials and the beginnings of the civil rights movement with Brown versus the Board of Education. All of the fears were connected in some way to survival - even the survival of white folks with desegregation. The great health fear was Polio. In the 1980s, it was AIDs.

The shift into Sagittarius took us from McCarthy's "communist in every corner" to the vision of the Space Age. New breakthroughs in the fields of science inspired us to a new vision, with the new vision taking us away from the old fears. Transportation, communications and education are emphasized by Sagittarius. This Saturn transit brought the first civil rights bill that implemented (even under the stress connected with the limited vision of some people) educational rights for black, minorities and even white people.

As technology advances under Sagittarius so will the need for better education and a return to the sciences. In the Sagittarius cycle of the late 1950s, students turned away from liberal arts degrees to degrees in business and science.

At that time, the scientific breakthroughs occurred with the first satellites. With the exploration in space came the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belt and many other discoveries that expanded the vision of man. In the earlier Sagittarius cycle, we saw Lindbergh make the first successful non-stop solo flight from New York to Paris.

That last cycle seemed so long ago but the Federal Aid Highway Act was signed inaugurating the interstate highway system. We had the first Trans-Atlantic telephone cable service - now we have satellites! In this older cycle, the first domestic jet airline passenger service commenced.

Sagittarius emphasizes honesty, higher standards and values, and standards of truth. There is a strong pattern of major scandals when a planet (Jupiter outwards) enters Sagittarius. This is different from the nefarious Saturn in Scorpio with scandals that are highly covert and dark. With Sagittarius, the individuals will fare better if they tell the truth. If the accused "puts their cards on the table," their reputation can be saved; if not, they go down with the scandal.

When Jupiter was in Sagittarius, there was the Gary Powers U-2 incident. Initially, Eisenhower lied to the American people, denying the U.S. involvement. Fortunately, as steps were being taken to impeach Eisenhower, he put his cards on the table and candidly confided that we are indeed spying of the Russians - this was the Cold War and it was a matter of national security. All was forgiven when Eisenhower told the truth. In the next Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle, the Pentagon Papers revealed the U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

When Neptune entered Sagittarius, Spiro Agnew was thrown under the bus by Nixon but Nixon soon followed with the Watergate Scandal.

My personal favorite - better than a reality show - with Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius was the Jim and Tammy Baker Tele-Evangelical Scandal. This popular couple were pocketing money that was supposed to go to charities, they over sold condos in their PTL complex and there were sex scandals galore! That scandal ended the popularity of these shows. Even President Reagan had to "come clean," after denying the exchange of arms for hostages, and admit that "mistakes" were made in the Iran-Contra Affair. He accepted full responsibility for this event. This is exactly what you should do when planets transit Sagittarius.

In the earlier Saturn in Sagittarius cycle, Albert Fall, former Secretary of the Interior, was convicted of bribery - that was called the Teapot Dome Scandal!

It is hard to believe that the current Do-Nothing Congress will do anything but, in the past Sagittarian cycle, there were major acts of legislation.
  • The first Civil Rights Bill was passed
  • The Voting Rights Act of 1960
  • A Constitutional Amendment lowering the voting age to 18 years
  • The death penalty deemed unconstitutional
  • Congress over-rode Reagan's veto of the stiff sanctions against South Africa (human rights issues) - and they over-rode Reagan's veto of the civil rights bill
  • Even the Supreme Court was active, stating that women could not be barred from "men's clubs"

  • With Jupiter in Virgo, beginning in August 2015, there can be gene mutations that do good and protect against diseases.
  • Expansion in Air and Space - I have observed that the horoscope of the airplane (the first flight at Kitty Hawk) has Sagittarius prominent and it is always triggered when there are aero-space breakthroughs and disasters.
  • There will be continued crises with the European Union due to the Saturn Return in the Treaty of Rome that formed the EU
  • Watch out for the German government. Angela Merkel (July 17 1954) grew up under communism and, just before the Crimea Crisis, she and Putin were "crawling into bed" with each other with a Free Trade Agreement for Peace. Germany resents supporting the other floundering EU countries.
  • Congress may pass immigration laws but nothing will change.
  • Syria will disappear and a new state is emerging that is scary, run by terrorists. The Syrian people will be gone by 2016 with the terrorist takeover.
  • With Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius, religion will be a big deal. "Frank" is what happens when you let God pick your leader! See discussion at the end of this article. Truth and honesty will strike the corrupt Vatican Bank.
  • The Uranus-Pluto alignment will challenge the cultural revolution of the 1960s. We should see great shifts in China.
  • A new vision for higher education - does the person who you are hiring really know how to do that job?! Will your degree get you a job? In an airport discussion with a fellow passenger, he told me that he was involved in a movement in Texas to teach the trades where the student really could get a job after graduation.
  • There will be a focus upon integrity in media; a mobilization in media when journalists remember what their job really is.
  • Truth Seeking versus Lie Worshipping, especially in politics.
  • Anti-aging drugs (in the last Pluto in Leo cycle, Ponce De Leon was searching for the foundation of youth; the current Pluto in Leo ladies are seeking the same)
  • Explosive events in Pakistan (this government has reinstated the death penalty to hang terrorists)
  • The new countries that were formed in 1989 are having their first Saturn Return, including the Russian Independence (a 5 year span with Saturn in Sagittarius and Capricorn)
  • The Iran-Iraq war ended with the last transit of Saturn in Sagittarius

At least through 2018, Pluto and Uranus will be transiting Cardinal signs. The Cardinal signs will cause problems associated with the endocrine system, specially the adrenal and thyroid glands. Cardinal signs respond to all crises. They can respond by trying to organize a crisis, mediate a crisis, address the crises head-on or simply go into an avoidance mode and internalize the crises in the life.

This is the list of Cardinal Crisis health symptoms due to Adrenal stress and Cortisol Imbalance:
  • Shakiness, higher heart rate and a pounding heart when you move.
  • Panic Attacks.
  • Inability to handle stress and difficulty focusing.
  • Emotional Sensitivity - even becoming paranoid at times.
  • Episodes of low blood sugar (you feel better when you eat - eating stopped some of my shakiness)
  • Severe headaches - as soon as my Cortisol levels spike, I get a terrible headache and aspirin does not help.
  • Chronic Fatigue and constant hungries.
  • Breathing more to get more oxygen.
  • Dark circles under the eyes (I never had this),
  • Persistent Allergies.
  • IBS/diarrhea symptoms
  • Critical insomnia - Cortisol will keep you awake.
  • Depression
  • Insomnia (I never realized that I had serious sleeping problems until I took DHEA liquid and Seriphos and slept soundly for the first time in years)
  • Calcium Loss, even for men!
In my medical research, I have determined that the endocrine system is ruled by Cardinal signs. With so many planets transiting Cardinal signs plus Neptune in Pisces, mental health issues, ADD and ADHD will come to the forefront.

When Saturn was transiting Scorpio - and it will return to this sign from June through September 2015 - issues connected with the Thyroid (psychologically, from swallowing one's words), Colitis from fears and situations that you cannot stomach, and back pain due from shouldering overwhelming burdens.

With Saturn entering Sagittarius, the most common health issue will be Sciatica, a very painful inflammation of the large sciatic nerve that runs down the back of the leg. Sometimes, the sciatic nerve is inflamed when our potassium levels are low (often from too much salt in the diet). If this is a possibility, Twin Labs Super K is the fastest remedy. However, sciatica can also arise from a fear of moving forward with the changes that come with the shift into this new sign.

Sagittarius shows us a vision of change. When we become paralyzed with a fear of change and moving forward, the leg is actually immobilized by the sciatic nerve. I experienced this years ago when Uranus entered Sagittarius. I knew that my life would totally change and I was afraid.

Since Sagittarius is a Mutable sign, fears and fear of change can impact the lymphatic system. This can cause inflammation of the lymphatic glands in the body, edema, ear infections, and sinusitis and, at its worse, a hardening of the connective tissues (Scleroderma).

Individuals who are set in their old ways may experience respiratory ailments when they feel that they cannot breathe under the demands of the higher standards of Sagittarius. When we feel under the pressure of criticism, health issues can manifest through the liver. This includes diabetes.

With any transit involving Sagittarius, it is essential that we be honest - in our actions and about what we are feeling. If one senses the pressures and demands of higher performance, be honest about what you feel and express this to those around you.

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